Eva’s story

Eva Perry is the owner and operator of Eva's CupCakery, Mountain View’s beloved CupCakery, since 2012. Eva, a country girl that loves to dream, was born in LaFayette, Alabama. After graduating from college, she worked as an educator in the public school system for 8 years.

Eva's love for travel and adventure eventually took her out of Alabama. She enlisted in the United States Air Force and proudly served for 21 years in many memorable assignments including Postal, Drill Sergeant, and Instructor at the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy. With the Air Force, she traveled across Europe, Korea, and much of the United States until she landed in Anchorage, Alaska.

Among her greatest adventures was meeting and marrying Sylvester Perry (late). Sylvester served in the United States Air Force for 26 years before retiring.  After his service, he remained in Anchorage, where he worked and retired from the State of Alaska’s Court System.

Eva retired from the military in 2003 and, with Sylvester, remained in Anchorage. She worked another 8 years for the Federal Government before realizing it was time to make her long-held dream come true.

Eva has always love to bake. She has many precious memories of baking with her mother.  At age 9, she received an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. Using her oven she baked a little chocolate cake which a cousin quickly ate all of. She was excited to see how much he enjoyed the little cake and soon realized the joy people got from all of her baking. Continuing to bake for friends and family at every opportunity, she adopted the phrase “BAKING SWEET MEMORIES”.  Eva always knew that she would be a business owner one day.

After the many years of work, travel, and adventure, the dream of more than 40 years became Eva and Sylvester’s dream. They could have opened their CupCakery in any neighborhood in Anchorage, but knew that Mountain View was the right home for their venture. Now, as the sole proprietor, she’s not only proven that the CupCakery can succeed in Mountain View, she’s proven she can grow. In 2016 Eva added locally-owned Caffe D'arte espresso to her menu and became the neighborhood’s first coffee shop.

Eva’s love for people has made her many friends and memories along the way. She is very grateful to those that come into the CupCakery, and will make or share a memory whenever possible.

Eva may have left the south, but her creations have kept their southern roots, with flavors like Sweet Potato, Sour Pound Cake, Red Velvet, and Hummingbird. While she always have sweet treats in many flavors available in her shop, she loves to tailor-make creations to her customers’ needs. Check out our Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Photo credit: Russ Slaten


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